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Welcome to

Exclusive Certified Residential Care 

* Enhancing Life. Excelling In Quality Care. *

Exclusive Certified Residential Care is a 10-bed behavioral health residential facility in Kingman, AZ, specializing in improving the behavioral health of our residents. The adult population we serve are the Serious Mental Ill. We also serve those diagnosed with a mental illness coupled with a dual diagnosis i.e., acute substance abuse disorders. This adult population must be ambulatory and capable of                                                                                    minimal self-care skills. 

Our organization is licensed and evaluated by the State of AZ. We are also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, so you can rest assured that you or your relatives are safe in our hands.

Our team is fully dedicated and committed to treating our residents/clients like family – with respect, kindness, and accountability. We offer a nurturing environment that is designed to grant each of our                                        residents/clients a harmonious, balanced, and productive lifestyle.

Our staff is well trained and passionate about providing comfort and stability while upholding our residents’/clients' independence, dignity, and privacy. You can expect the best when you choose to                                                             be a client of our residential home . 

                         We are on a path of positive living with the following FIVE key elements:


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